My Little Helper

Cole is really on top of the whole “good helper” role and is always offering to help do things around the house. Well, not just anything … he prefers to offer his services while I’m folding laundry (help = dumping the basket on the floor and rolling around in the warm clothes), dishes (help = water fight), or vacuuming (he opens the door for my dog to come and attack the vacuum). Ironically, when it comes to picking up after himself,  he’s not really interested.

Here are a couple of examples of Colebert’s help:

1.    I woke up to Cole telling me it was “all gone”. He was supposed to be napping with me but apparently I fell asleep first and he took the opportunity to have a little fun. I didn’t know exactly what was all gone until I realized he was covered in white and holding an empty economy size bottle of baby powder. I jumped up and kept my eyes closed until I was ready to take in the damage. He grabbed my hand and took me to his newly decorated room (below)

Cole vs. economy size baby powder

"No clean it up!! I love It! No!"

He was beyond pissed when I wouldn’t let him play in his room until it was cleaned up. I would have let him play in it but I couldn’t even breathe in there so I figured it probably wouldn’t be the best call on my part.

*Bonus: Our vacuum had just taken its final shit days before. Have you ever tried sweeping up powder? Right. Don’t.

2.    I was painting Colebert’s room with a Cars theme. I went to go take a smoke break with Daddy and when I came back, I saw Cole’s “help” all over the wall.

"for you, Mommy"

One response to “My Little Helper

  1. WOW. This is why I only enjoy reading about parents’ experiences with their children and not having any =P

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