You’re Gonna What?

Today, Cole told me he was going to kick my ass. I don’t remember why, but that’s not important. He said, “I’m gonna kicka your ass” (that wasn’t a mistype – he said “kicka”)

I told him “ass” was a bad word and to say “butt” instead. In hindsight, I think maybe I should have first addressed the fact that he said he was going to kick my ass before focusing on the profanity portion of the statement.

He then displayed his extensive knowledge of all bad words. He asked, “ass is bad word?” I nodded.

He said, “fuck is a bad word too, Mommy, huh”. I nodded.

“Bitch is bad word”. I nodded.

“Shit is bad word too”. I said, “yes, Colebert. That’s enough. Thank you”.

“Asshole bad word, Mommy?”

At that point I looked over at him and caught him smiling.

So smooth. I’m just glad he’s smooth at home instead of at school or at the store. For today, anyway.

6 responses to “You’re Gonna What?

  1. Oh, this is their favorite thing to do, right? My son lists out the bad words that he can’t say. lol I usually just say “we know all the bad words, you don’t have to name them, sweeetie.” Sometimes my son pretends he doesn’t know the bad words though. He says, “Is damn a bad word, mommy?” Then other times he’s on my side confirming that “we can’t say, damn, right mommy? Damn, is a bad word, right?” That’s the good one cause he gets to say it twice! lol And, i agree, these three year olds are slick!

    Love the blog…found you through MBC. Great job.

    • I’m glad you stopped by! I’m glad I’m not the only Mom with a miniature Zack Morris on my hands.

      Is it strange that Zack Morris was the first one to pop in my head when trying to think of a smooth operator? lmao. I’m old. I see that now.

  2. Ha ha Zach Morris. Kali you are not old because I am not old and I totally know Zach!

    I am your newest subcriber from mom blog
    I just grabbed your button too. Fell free to grab my button and follow back
    I am putting your button on all 3 of mine right now!

  3. Oh my God. That is so funny and also my fear in life. I know my kid is going to be the one teaching every kid in school every cuss word.

    • My kid will be the Officer NoBadge in the corner spouting off words that are “good” and “bad”, followed by the explanation no one asked for, “because? Grammy said so”.

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