I don’t think I’ve gone this long without posting since … well, ever.

Holiday crap has taken its toll on my free time, of course, but more than that, my everything has been a little out of sync, it seems. I usually “blog about it” when I need to figure shit out. It really makes a difference. But I’ve been working on the same blog post for a week. I have like 60 words left after I finished editing.

I got nervous about being so honest. I was concerned I was giving too much of myself or my private thoughts to the general public. I didn’t know if I’d crossed the line by writing about my very personal life and the people in it. I still haven’t resolved these issues or answered these questions for myself in a way that would allow me to rewrite and post what took me a week to spill. But as I sit here typing, it has become quite obvious that I will do it anyways. I wouldn’t have even mentioned it otherwise. Duh. So there’s that, I guess.

I just wanted to touch base and apparently corner myself into being vulnerable in front of an audience. Small as it may be, I am just barely learning to do all that by myself. But “go big or go home”, right? I’ll get to it.

Thanks for letting me talk myself into my own solution, WordPress. Good looking out ;)

2 responses to “Hiatus

  1. I was a total POS* blogger in December – your personal type post, though, been there!

    Hit publish – if you wanna. We’ll be here.

    *piece o’ shit.

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