The Boss Of U

Earlier this week, Cole had his remote control robot in the kitchen with me while I did dishes. He was controlling the robot’s every move with his control box.  The robot would walk. The robot would dance. The robot even began to fling tiny foam discs at me, per Cole’s request. It made little robot noises as it performed these actions and every one – especially the flinging of the discs – made The Cole giggle hysterically. When the robot ceased to make it’s little sounds and Cole continued to giggle hysterically, I took notice of what was happening here.

Cole had given up on the robot and switched his focus onto me. In his 4 year old mind, he was now controlling my movements. Every time I moved, he’d give himself credit for it.

Eventually, I started moving more robotically and he got a real kick out of that. Then I started talking with the robot voice and he started to get up off the floor and really get into it. About 30 seconds later, he was on top of a chair and throwing out demands to me and moving his control box with authority.

Get Colebert a snack!

Stop putting dishes away now! Colebert needs a snack!

No, Mommy! Not carrots again! Colebert needs cookies!

You get the idea.

When I stopped acting and talking like a robot, Cole proceeded to punch and throw his control box, infuriated by its uselessness. He then looked at me and said,

Mommy, pretend? Pretend I’m the boss of you.

And that’s when I remembered how much I enjoy writing about our little incidents here on the Boss Of U.

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2 responses to “The Boss Of U

  1. what a wonderful analogy to motherhood!

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