Pre-K Grad Day

Do I really need to say anything? Is it just me or should I be making millions off my son’s good looks? Time to go to work, boy!

On our way to graduation

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6 responses to “Pre-K Grad Day

    • I’m thinking yes. lol. Thank you. I won’t forget you all when the kid is the next Justin Beiber.

      Now, if I could just get him a skill …. how can I tie in dirt play with something that makes money and requires devastatingly good looks? Google, here I come. :)

  1. AWESOME picture!!

  2. I gotta tell you Kali, all things being equal, I miss you blogging. I hope you find your way home and back into being a blogger again someday. I love you madly babe. Front of my mind you know…. D

    • … all the time.
      I love you very madly, David. A good indicator of that may be all the yelling. lol. But seriously, if blogging was the answer, I’d do it 5x a day.

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