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Day Five: Envy

Envy:  Seven things you lack and covet.

1. The ability to be charged as a minor. Being 16 rocked on every level. It helped that I had a fake ID, I’m sure. And that I lived in my own apartment by then made it rock a little harder, no doubt. But by far, the greatest part about being 16 was knowing that any crime I committed would be sealed in a juvenile record in just 2 short years. Those were the days.

2. The freedom that comes with the “single/ no kids” lifestyle. I wouldn’t trade my kid or husband in for the world (unless you threw in a slurpee, too) …. BUT as most of us often do, I sure do envy the woman who worries about no one but herself and her awesome career. I’m sure she is lonely from time to time. I’m sure she wishes she had the love of a man and a little blond kid every night when she sees a falling star. But when she’s out on a Wednesday night getting drunker than shit just because it’s fucking Wednesday and she felt like it? The husband and kid are about the furthest thing from her mind. On that Wednesday night,  I envy that woman.

3. XBOX 360 Kinect.

Honey? Are you reading this?? I want a Kinect for Christmas. It will make me less sinful to have one.

4. Style. I wouldn’t mind having a bit of it sometimes. As it stands now, I have -style. (That’s a “negative style” for those of you who are no good with integers.)

5. A close family. My family now is pretty tight. Of course, it’s just myself, my husband, my son, and my dog here … but we’re pretty in tune with one another. I just wish my former family was closer. My mom is my best friend – but my sister and I have so little in common it’s sometimes hard to find a solid connection. Don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful she’s not like me in a million ways. Thank God for that. But I wish she and I spent more time together. It would help if we enjoyed it. Like participating in an activity we both dig or something. She sucks at Guitar Hero and I suck at life, so right now we’re 0 for 2.

6. The answers.

7. To all the tests and assignments in every math class I will have to take in the near future. I fucking hate math.