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He Likes To Party

My husband is trying to condition our son to answer every question with, “because I like to party”.

He rewards The Cole with a high-five and loving praise each time he uses this phrase, to aide in his Pavlovian experiment of the day.

Me: “Colebert, why haven’t you picked up your cars like I asked you to do 30 minutes ago?”Colebert’s response: “because I like to party”.

Me: “Son, why is there a bowl of melted ice cream just kickin’ it on the dining room table like it lives there?” Cole: “because I like to party”.

He’s finishing sentences I begin with, “I …” by inserting “like to party” before I can go on.

I hear a shout out from Dad every now and then from the background. He’s going on about some G6. As if I knew what the hell he was talking about.

The game started out somewhat amusing but has quickly dropped to “barely tolerable” status in record time.

At bedtime, Cole was a bit whiny and complainy, as he often is at around the same time every night. I told him to kiss his Daddy and find his cup because it was time to go to bed. He got the face, and proceeded to slowly whine out, “but I”, only to have Mom interject with the phrase of the day. You guessed it – “like to party”.

At least Dad and I got a good laugh out of it. I’m not so sure he was in the laughing mood considering he just got moded by his mom and all. It’s cool, though. What better time to learn about good sportsmanship and early 90’s jargon?