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Only Boys Can Do It

When Cole wants to play with Mommy’s tampons, I tell him he can’t do that because tampons are only for girls.

When he puts on my bra and walks around talking about his boobies, I let him know that while he does in fact have nipples, his boobs will ever be more than what they are right now. Only girls have boobies.

If another Mom is in front of or behind us when we walk into the front gate at school, I remind him that girls go first, so he’ll hold open the gate.

I thought we had pretty much covered the basics with these lessons in life until, over the last few days, I’ve noticed that he is categorizing every activity by sex.

Suddenly, because he can build things with his Lego’s, “girls can’t do it – only boys”.

When he puts the right shoe on the right foot, “girls can’t do it – only boys”.

Waffles for breakfast? “Girls can’t have waffles – only boys”

I thought I’d take advantage of this newly found misogynistic attitude and inform him that along with building and waffle eating, it is only boys who can take out the trash, pick up after themselves, and be way quiet while Mommy tries to do homework.

This approach worked out until he thought he’d switch it up on me and direct me right into the kitchen to fix his lunch.

And  Daddy strikes again.