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Thank You Very Much!

  • Thank you very much, Sprint Wireless Customer Service, for pissing my husband off enough to keep him highly irritated for the rest of the night. Thank you so very much.
  • Sister, thank you very much for holding my text books hostage for just long enough to make it impossible to catch up in my class this term and therefore, costing me $1600 in tuition the next time I have to take this miserable course.
  • Thank you so much, Neighbor Lady, for being such a nosy broad that I don’t feel comfortable walking around in my own house naked.
  • Mother Nature, thank you so much for giving us this lovely rain. My car windows don’t roll up all the way and I absolutely love sitting my ass down on a seat soaked in rain water.
  • Thank you, honey, for aiding in the destruction of the passenger side window when you didn’t know  your own strength and tried to “help the window along” while it eased down the track.
  • Thank you very much, Ralph’s Grocery Store, for sending me a coupon for dog food that you don’t actually carry in your store. 15 minutes searching and re-searching only to accept the fact that I would not be receiving my customer rewards benefit of $3.00 off my dog food purchase. Screw yourself, Ralph.