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Day Three: Greed

Day 3 – Avarice (Greed):  Seven worldly material desires.

I don’t consider myself to be a materialistic person. Anyone who knows me will tell you the same thing (I think).

I once had a boyfriend who lived in a tent. This is not the beginning of a nursery rhyme. He really lived in a tent.

I have driven a car nicknamed “the coffin on wheels”. And the coolest part of that car was that the hood was tied down with a bike cable and lock. I still rolled it ’til the wheels fell off. Literally. Most my other cars prior to that one weren’t much better. A little safer – but not much better.

So, while there are far more than 7 things I can think of that I desire and are far beyond my needs, I’d have to say that of the many reasons I’ll be going to hell, greed is probably not going to be one of them.

  1. A huge house located close enough to the city to shop and go out at night (although I do neither of these things – it sounds nice), while far enough into the country to have a couple of acres of land for my dogs and horses to roam around.
  2. A door for mine and my husband’s bedroom. That would be really nice.
  3. A car that can switch back and forth between a standard and automatic transmission so I can go real fast, real quick when I want to but not have to deal with the charlie horse in my thigh after pushing the clutch in and out repeatedly during rush hour traffic. It will also have a sun/ moon roof and a ridiculous sound system.
  4. My own softball stadium. It could be in my backyard since I have all that extra space at my house.
  5. A Maid
  6. A Nanny
  7. Lap Band. I don’t weigh quite enough to get it now – but I’d like to have the option to gain enough weight, get it all taken off with a band, then feel free to repeat the process if necessary. Basically, I’d like to have a great body without having to diet or exercise regularly. Maybe that’s sloth. But since it’s pricey and that’s why I’m not eating Ho Ho’s til I puke to add the extra poundage to qualify? I consider it to be in the greed category.